Whilst a picture says a thousand words, sometimes, it can also be helpful to read what others think, please read below.


...Something happened that was quite magical...

The photo-shoot with Tara and my horse was such an amazing experience. Having only planned that I was having some photos done and had not really thought much about anything other than making us both look presentable. What actually happened was something quite magical as Tara managed to facilitate us on such an emotional and intimate experience. The photos were gorgeous and reflected totally how we connect as a partnership.

Mrs A. Brewer 2016

...You are amazing!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pictures!! thank you so so much - I feel like we really captured our relationship and his face is just so lovely in them.....Thanks again you are amazing!

Janie, May 2017


A Wonderful Experience

I have to say that not really knowing what to expect, we thoroughly enjoyed our photo session. It was a unexpectedly wonderful experience, with a lot of fun. Tara is a true professional and an expert in her field, and her passion for animals showed through from the first meeting. Thanks Tara! Highly recommended.

Helen and Richard, November 2016


Captured the essence

I can recommend Tara Hamilton Photography. She's created treasured memories for me of my horse. She understood the bond between rider and horse, patiently giving directions for great shots. She took time to research the site before hand and meet us ahead of time. It was tough to whittle down my selection. These images now hold pride of place.

Daniella & Jake,  February 2017

You captured the essence of our relationship

Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ again, not only for your amazing photos of our wonderful horse but for your true love and passion for all animals which was so evident through from our first meeting. You captured the essence of our relationship and that is hard.
Your overwhelming love for all animals is touching and something everyone should aim for.

Jayne, February 2017

 I am in tears –so wonderful – you captured his soul - and mine!

Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all you have done. But…thank you so much for the session and the support throughout.

Anya, March 2017

I am thrilled with my photos!

I am thrilled with my photos, thank you! We had such a great day and it shows – from the moment you walked in the door dog was truly in your pocket and you have totally captured his nature and sense of fun and soul itself.

Nadine, January  2017


Loved the huge canvas!

I absolutely love the huge canvas! It brought tears to my eyes. It is such a beautiful piece of work and it just happens to be of the dog I love! I makes me so happy to look at it.

Gita & Sarkis, December 2016

Captured the essence

From the first email through to the photo-session, you put in so much and more into capturing the essence of our wonderful horse – indeed over 100% effort, ensuring I have the most perfect pictures …but really it is, truly, so much more than that.


Charity, October 2016


Totally thrilled

We are totally thrilled with how amazing our boy looks…I literally cried when I saw the first picture because he came across as gorgeous as I see him every day.
Thanks for being so amazing. We really enjoyed out time with you and the photos have truly captured his essence.


Melissa, June 2016

Highly recommended

Tara was able to get my two dogs comfortable in front of the camera with no trouble at all.  They had such fun! She is a true perfectionist, and made sure we covered every angle, pose and light – not an easy feat as you can imagine.
If you are looking for amazing photos of your pet I highly recommend Tara from Tara Hamilton Photography.

Alison, October 2017


The final images of our unique cat (including the huge canvas!) are nothing short of spectacular. You have a wonderful gift and we are so glad that you were able to share it with us.

Clio, August 2016

Nothing short of amazing

Having never photographed our dog before, we were sure what to expect when we hired Tara. What happened was nothing short of an amazing – there was perfect harmony between Tara and him (and he is not always so easy with strangers particularly with cameras) frlom the moment she walked in.
Patience, professionalism, and craftsmanship…Tara is a photographer who totally understands her subjects, surroundings and clients. We can’t wait for next year!

Selena, June 2016

An instant rapport  

Tara’s passion for all animals resulted in truly stunning photos, totally capturing the bond between myself and my horse, all in a setting that we know and love- which will remain with us on our walls long after we have left the UAE. Sadly we only discovered Tara’s talents just before we leave the country but we can’t recommend her highly enough if you want a photographer who has an instant rapport with animals and who manages to capture those essential moments discreetly and faithfully

Leigh, May 2016

I will treasure the results

Tara was able to capture his sweet and quirky personality straight off – and not the easiest cat in the world with strangers. Within minutes she had him at his ease and he was acting up for the camera – never has he done that for me!
I will treasure the results, they mean so much to me, and shall definitely commission another session next year.

Robert, April 2016


Everyone who sees my canvas raves about it!

Thanks Tara! Everyone who sees my pictures raves about them – my 6 foot canvas makes some statement in our front room and everyone raves about it. Keep up the good work – definitely recommended to anyone with four legged friends who want to capture their relationships, she is totally unique.

Louise, April 2016

Thank you Tara!

Our cat is great with people but but Tara’s affinity with animals was immediately apparent from the moment she walked in the door. She managed to capture our dog’s personality within the first few shots and  - having used other photographers – can honestly say that only Tara has managed to capture his unique essence. Thank you Tara and we shall definitely pass on your name to other friends looking to have their pet photographed.

Kay, March 2016


Tara has a deep magical understanding of horse- human relationships. She instinctively read the very deep bond my Meshindi and I have and I am so thankful to have these memories in print forever! “
Kim Fichardt, March 2018