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About Tails of Dubai

"Tails of Dubai" is a beautiful book, through pictures and words of  of Dubai’s rescued animals who have in some small or big way rescued the people who saved them.

"Tails of Dubai" features the owners of all nationalities and ages, who have chosen to show up and stand up, offering vulnerable dogs, cats, horses or birds forever homes with forever love, safety and care.

Restoring their souls and their joy, in turn restores our own.

Animals are an important and integral part of the circle of life and of our day to day family life.

They teach us and our children how to love, how to be kind, considerate and patient. Children learn about responsibility from an animals dependence on them. They learn empathy though an animals vulnerability.


“Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind’s capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don’t; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us.”
― Mike Scully
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We share common needs;
to belong, to be loved, to be accountable. 

Pets are not disposable objects that no longer matter when life turns upside down for us.

They are not conditional in our changing and busy lives. 

They give unconditionally, they are emotional beings just like us. 

We enrich our own lives when we better theirs. 

I hope you will join me on my journey. Please see my website for information on how you can participate.

Contribute to Tails of Dubai with your pet’s unique story

Dogs in our Tails

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Cats in our Tails

The Chairman was a personal rescue in the Dubai summer. I noticed him one day alone under a tree in our street and my initial instinct was to go over and see if he was lost. He looked so out of place being a flat faced persian outside in the high heat and humidity. When I got closer I could see had an abscess behind his ear as well as an eye infection. His coat looked like he had mange , he hadn't been neutered and all I could think of was how did this beautiful breed end up in such a state. 

My personal reasons for "Tails of Dubai"

Why I feel so passionately about why I do, and the reasons that keep me working, sometimes non-stop, for days. 



From the moment a person books a shoot with me for their cat, dog or horse and most recently a parrot, I begin to think more deeply about them and about what we will experience and create on the day. I wonder how they will show up, how they will be together with themselves and together with me. I feel excited and I feel the nervous pressure which I put entirely on myself, to know I can capture their intimacy, their connection, their closeness.  Its not always people experience or feel this as deeply.

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They might come from a place of fun or deep responsibility, care, nurture, pure awe or admiration for them. Maybe they are partners in sport, this can be a different type of partnership that calls for more boundaries and expectation, sometimes but not always less heart emotions.  From that moment they introduce me to their significant other and throughout our walk with my camera, which I have named the “Walk of Beauty”, there is always one photo one moment where you feel the beauty, the person, the animal and the connection all at once.

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It's a very powerful moment. At times I have shed tears or felt intense love, sometimes I have turned away to take a breath. It's what motivates me, feeds me, nourishes me, completes me; to find it in all partnerships that I photograph. I want you to go away feeling good, feeling enlightened, feeling even closer to your partner and feeling like you have experienced something very unique and very worthwhile. 


Please, help me share your unique story with others, let me capture the special relationship and character that they deserve. Call me - on 056 930 8203